Product and Services

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Internet Trading Facility for retail clients.
  • Pan India presence through SHCIL
  • Competitive Pricing

SSL acts as a sub syndicate member for bidding the various IPO/FPO launched from time to time. It also acts as Lead Broker for mobilization of Bonds.

SSL caters to the investment needs of leading institutions and have an impressive list of institutions seeking its services which includes banks, MF, FI, Insurance companies. Furthermore we are constantly increasing our empanelment with new institutions.

SSL adds value to its institutional client through:

  • - Regular research reports :
SSL provides comprehensive set of research reports to its institutional clients. It provides both fundamental and technical research reports which include Morning report, Company and Sector reports and Short term picks.

  • -Timely and error free execution :
Timely and error free execution of institutional trades and periodic updation to institutions regarding trade status during the day.

  • -Excellent back office support:
Delivery of STP as per institutional requirement.

Proper voice recording system in place.

  • - Dedicated dealer and phone lines.
  • -Competitive brokerage rates.
  • -Feedback system for continuous improvement.

Allotment and Redemption of Mutual Fund units through BSE StAR MF.

Disclosure of commission


  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
Securities, a unique product enables the Investor to invest in Selected Stocks/Gold ETFs of Investor’s choice on regular intervals for a fixed tenure on prevailing market rates. SIP provides a right platform to have a disciplined approach in the investment to build a formidable portfolio by using market volatility. So, come, Start the wonderful journey of CREATING WEALTH WITH PLEASURE. Why SIP?

Small Step, Giant Gains: It is the power of compounding that enables small investments to reach the peak of wealth. Savings of small amounts on regular intervals will enable individuals to realise bigger dreams of life.

  • Don’t Worry, Be always Happy:
In the regular investments in Securities, biggest worry for any investor is Timing the investment. More and more fall in the market makes the investor jittery about the investment decisions made. However, in SIP, as investments are made over a period of time, any fall in the markets won’t drive away the value of investments.
  • Have the pleasure to write your own future :
SIP enables the investor to be the chief Architect in building own destiny. As investments are made of investor’s choice on regular intervals, Investor can script the success story with ease. So, why still the wait? Please visit nearest SHCIL Branch, Today. Enroll for SIP and become Master of your future.[Also, no Entry or Joining Fees. Brokerage as applicable for normal trade].